Advisory Board

In order to ensure sustainability of the project results, improve its management and communication with stakeholders Advisory Group of 12 pers., consisting of representatives of local authorities, leading scientists in the city of Odessa and Odessa State Environmental University was established at OSENU.

Plans for the work of advisory groups were developed.

The group composition was approved by the Minutes #1 of 20 Oct 2010:

1. Anatolii M. Myroshnikov, Head of the Territorial Clearing House for the Kherson, Odessa and Mykolaiv provinces, Associate Professor, PhD (Agricultural Sciences) – Chairman

2. Viktor Ya. Shcherbakov, Head of the Plant Cultivation Department, Odessa State Agrarian University, Professor, DSc (Agricultural Sciences) – Deputy Chairman of the council

3. Galyna V. Liashenko, Head of the Agroclimatological Laboratory, the National Scientific Center ‘Institute of Viticulture and Wine-Making named after V.Ye. Tairov’, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences – member of the council.

On 5 July 2010 this group was transformed into an Advisory Board (Minutes #5 of the Extended meeting of the Advisory Board and administrative group of the OSENU academic staff of the Department of Agricultural Meteorology on the project implementation).

The meetings are held once a quarter. The Advisory Board functioned within 3 years of the project and continues to function successfully after the project completion.

Сooperation with the Department of OSENU graduates’ employment promotion, the competence of which includes executionof contracts for the graduates, has also been strengthened.

Alumni Seminars with involvement of employers are held, and the agreements on graduates’ employment between OSENU administration and the following employees have been signed:

– Hydrometeorological Center of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov (Department of Agricultural Meteorology)

– Odessa Research Institute of Selection and Genetics(Department resistance to abiotic factors)


– Institute of Viticulture and Wine-Making named after V.Ye. Tairov, NAAS of Ukraine (Agroclimatology Laboratory, Plant Protection Laboratory)

– Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute

– Institute of Agroecology, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

– Environmental organizations (National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, Ukrainian Society for Nature Conservation, Ukrainian Youth Environmental League, ‘Natural Heritage’ Prof. I.I.Puzanov Foundation for Wildlife Protection and Revival, All-Ukrainian Committee for the UNEP Support (UkrUNEPCom), and All-Ukrainian Environmental League).